About us

Czech Medical Herbs


Ensure that particular groups of patients access treatment by legal and high quality cannabis for medicinal purposes. Exploit the full therapeutic potential of therapeutic cannabis with regard to individual patient needs and with respect to the applicable laws and regulations.


Building on ongoing scientific research and in conjunction with clinical practice we started the distribution of imported cannabis for therapeutic use in the Czech Republic. We are ready for our own production of Medical Grade Cannabis (MGC) of high quality and desired characteristics. We have started distribution of crystalline cannabidiol (CBD) for further processing in the pharmaceutical and food industries. We believe that international cooperation will help us build a stable position as a supplier of Medical Grade Cannabis and crystalline CBD.

From history

Our company Czech Medical Herbs, s.r.o. was established in May 2013. We have become distributors of launched medicinal products and from the beginning we have specialized in the field of use of cannabis for medicinal use. We were one of the first two companies which imported Medical Grade Cannabis in the Czech Republic. Since the establishment, we have headed to participate in a tender for the award of production licenses for medicinal cannabis granted by the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL). We have met the qualifications for licensure, but the first contract was awarded another candidate on the basis of lower price. Currently, we are preparing for the expected additional tenders. In the meantime, we have started the distribution of crystalline cannabidiol (CBD), sought substance with high therapeutic potential. We are initiator and founding member of the Czech Association of Medical Cannabis Growers (APLK). Association on a voluntary basis unites companies that meet the qualifications of MGC growers.