Czech Medical Herbs

Czech Association of Medical Cannabis Growers was established as a platform for professionals from the Cannabis industry and operates as any other professional association. The basic ambition is to have a tool, which enables us to share ideas and communicate with government authorities. The association actively contributes to a discussion about production and distribution of Cannabinoids on a local level. Beside a discussion there are also concrete outputs such as a draft of amendment to the law shared with Czech parliament political parties. The international reach of the Association became gradually more important. There is also a need to improve international rules and make them compatible. A good example is the fact that quality demands on Medical Grade Cannabis varies country to country even among states of the European Community. This is one of the serious obstacles in international business, which has an obvious impact on Cannabinoids treatment development. Czech Association of Medical Cannabis Growers was initiated by Czech Medical Herbs in 2015 and is a chairman company at the moment.