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Czech Medical Herbs

Czech Medical Herbs became the very first importer of Medical Grade Cannabis to Czech pharmacies in 2014. Nowadays the company distributes Medical Grade Cannabis of worldwide leading Canadian companies – Tilray, Aurora and FV Pharma. The focus is, at present time, only on dried Cannabis flowers; the more sophisticated products like extracts and pharmaceuticals are awaited along with gradual clinical demands and amendments of the law on both a worldwide and local level. There is one official Medical Cannabis grower in the Czech Republic. However, growing in the Czech Republic did not meet patients’ expectations in terms of price, variety of strains and volume so far. In this light there is a qualified guess that import of cannabinoids will exceed the local growing for the next few years. The Czech Republic intends to implement 90% reimbursement from a health insurance policy for every applicable patient, starting 2020. That is why we expect a substantial sales increase next year in the Czech Republic.